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cypris's grow up


CYPRIS FASHION Co., Ltd is started  the year of 2012 in Shenzhen, one of the largest and most prosperous cities in China. The Brand CYPRIS, originates its name from the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexuality, Aphrodite. Cypris is based simply on the goal of providing the best wholesale price and services to our agents or distributors, regarding stock, processing, invoice, transportation as well as promotional material while maintaining the best quality. The goal is not groundless, but equipped and realized not only by state of the art machinery & technology, efficient and productive workers but also a giant financial powerhouse. 20.000+merchandises, solid partnership with transportation companies, and skilled factory designers that bringing out innovative & exquisite designs every week will finally lead our cooperation mutual beneficial. It would indeed be a privilege to be given an opportunity to do business with your store or company.

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